Environment Compassion Program

This program was organised at the National School of Brua River, Hulu Terengganu from 12 to 13 November 2017. It involved the school-going indigenous community of Berua River as well as Adult and Native Class (KEDAP). The purpose of this program is to instil compassion towards the environment by education and knowledge transfer within the […]

January 6, 2018 TASIK KENYIR

Kenyir Research Institute Program (KIEPro) 3.0: eEntrepreneurship

KIEPro 3.0 successfully took place on 28 November 2017 at INOS Auditorium, UMT and was attended by participants from Family Development Foundation (YPK). The objective of this program is to transform businesses of experienced entrepreneurs, to maximize the usage of mass media as platform to generate income, generate technology competent entrepreneurs, assist entrepreneurs with family […]

January 6, 2018 TASIK KENYIR

Workshop on Product Potential Building of Hulu Terengganu Community-Based Ecotourism (CBE)

This workshop was held between 19 and 21 November 2017 at the Hulu Terengganu District Office Rest house in Kuala Berang. This program was held as continuity (program execution), the second phase of Community-Based Ecotourism.

January 6, 2018 TASIK KENYIR

Hulu Terengganu Cucumber Day

Cucumber Day which was held on 22 November 2017 at Kuala Berang market, Hulu Terengganu received support from Hulu Terengganu District office and East Vege enterprise. The purpose of this program is to introduce World Cucumber Day to the community and UMT students and to introduce Cucumberland, with hopes to make Terengganu State a renown […]

January 6, 2018 TASIK KENYIR

Our website is ranked 5-star in year 2017

December 11, 2017 TASIK KENYIR

Bird Watching (Program Memburung)

Join Now ! Bird Watching (Program Memburung) Date : 7 September 2017 (Thursday) Time : 7.30 am Place : UMT Kenyir Research Station, Hulu Terengganu Entry fee : RM15.00 Participation / Query : 012-2664226 (Syahrunizan) 013-9423450 (Sahrim) Telephone@Whatsapp

August 23, 2017 Article, News, TASIK KENYIR

Shooting Session of “Hydro” Documentary for RTM Broadcast

Date : 24.03.2017 – 25.03.2017 Place : Surounding area of Tanjung Mentong, Taman Negara Negeri Terengganu – Tasik Kenyir    

Rimba Conservation Work in National Geographic Lead by Associate Professor Dr. Reuben Clements

Into the Heart of the Jungle: Tracking the Black Panthers of Malaysia Reuben Clements, co-founder of the Malaysian non-profit Rimba (jungle in the Malay language), has found the cat’s hideout. Clements, who is also a field conservation associate with the international wild cat organization Panthera and Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, and his team have been […]

January 23, 2017 Article, News, TASIK KENYIR
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